Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Are Engaged!

Orlando Bloom And Miranda KerrBy George Loomis

Summer officially beginning today has everyone in a good mood, and perhaps it’s just enough to give all those happy couples the extra push! A rep for Orlando Bloom confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is the latest star to become engaged, as he prepares to wed longtime girlfriend, model Miranda Kerr.

We haven’t heard much from Orlando recently, probably because the pair has remained tightlipped about their relationship since they began dating in 2007. Miranda in particular has never enjoyed dishing about her boyfriend of nearly three years, even though the press frequently hounds her for comments.

“Everyone asks me to talk about him, and they get really annoyed with me when I say no, but if you want to know about him, why don’t you go ask him?” the Victoria’s Secret Model confessed to Page Six magazine in 2008. “I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.”

And get this: Miranda revealed in that same interview her long-term plans for settling down with kids. So when she’s hiding from the limelight and no one knows where to find her, try looking at farms with solar-powered houses!

“I’ve always wanted kids, so… someday… eventually, yes, it will happen,” the beauty revealed. “My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and vegetable patch. When this is all over, that’s where I’ll be.”

According to Us Weekly, Orlando told reporters in 2009, while in Morocco, “Miranda and I spend so much time apart; she’s working hard, I’m working hard, so we have to grab time together whenever we can. A weekend here, a weekend there… we are just enjoying our time together now.”

All those weekends sure did allow their love to bloom! Though millions of young females around the globe will be devastated, everyone else can begin wishing this well-matched pair the best.

What do you think of Orlando’s engagement, and do you think he and Miranda will find the solar-powered house of their dreams?