Daniel Radcliffe Thought Justin Beiber Was A Woman, Thinks Lady Gaga Is 'Amazing'

Would it be a surprise to tell you that Daniel Radcliffe, the embodiment of one of the most prominent pop culture figures of our generation, has no idea what is going on in the world of entertainment around him? That is what we found out on Thursday, when MTV News got a chance to sit down with the man behind Harry Potter and talk to him about what his future has in store.

See, "Harry Potter" has finally wrapped filming and, after a decade in front of the camera as The Boy Who Lived, Dan finally gets to pursue whatever he wants. He already has plans to head to Broadway, and isn't ruling out a Daniel Radcliffe record in the future.

"It wouldn't be a pop album. I couldn't make pop music like now, like what the kids of today like," he said.

Which leads us into some unfamiliar territory, as Dan might be the last person on US soil who only just heard of Justin Beiber. "I only heard Justin Beiber like for the first time like two weeks ago. I genuinely thought it was a woman singing. I'd never heard it before," he admitted with a laugh.

He asked our reporter, Josh Horowitz, if the reason behind this strange conundrum was because Justin isn't big in England yet, but then corrected himself when he realized, "You're from America, why would you know that?"

"I'm so out of the loop when it comes to pop culture that I kind of don't even try anymore," Dan confessed.

And come on, we don't blame him. If someone asked you where Justin Beiber came from earlier this year, would you have been able to answer that he was the new reason Usher is making bank? Probably not. And we're glad Dan has been concentrating his full attention on "Deathly Hallows" instead of listening to "Baby" on repeat.

But fortunately, Dan has heard of Lady Gaga, and he is definitely a fan.

"I think she's kind of amazing. She's really got a voice. My god, you know?" he said. "Not my kind of music particularly, but she can really sing."

Were you surprised that Dan is so out of the pop culture loop? Did you laugh as hard as we did when he admitted he though Justin Beiber was a woman?