Disney's 'Prom' Movie Finds Its Cast Through 'Friday Night Lights' And 'Gossip Girl'

Prom castJust this weekend I was bemoaning the lack of quality high school comedies, and today, Disney's come to my rescue. Deadline Hollywood reported this morning that Disney has chosen the cast for its newest franchise venture (which will hopefully become another "High School Musical"-like success), "Prom," and it looks quite promising. (No pun intended. Really.)

Among a cast of mostly unknowns with just a handful of credits to their IMDb pages are Aimee Teegarden of "Friday Night Lights" and Nicholas Braun of the late (and great) "10 Things I Hate About You" TV show. You might recognize Danielle Campbell as the lead in the Disney Channel Original Movie "StarStruck" or Yin Chang as the overachieving Nelly Yuki in "Gossip Girl," but for the most part, the other actors haven't done anything too notable ... yet.

Thomas McDonell, Nolan Sotillo, Jared Kusnitz, Ben Esler, Kylie Bunbury, Cameron Monaghan and DeVaughn Nixon round out the rest of the cast.

According to Deadline, "Prom" is a "high-school comedy feature revolving around a group of teens and the emotional ups and downs they go through prepping for the big dance," and it will be similar in tone to seminal 80s John Hughes classics "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty in Pink." That means: high school clique interaction (nerd vs. jock, preppy vs. alternative, etc.) awkward romantic dalliances, and possibly a group panty-viewing in the boys' bathroom.

But the most important question still remains: How will Disney handle the more illicit high school movie subject matter? It's a given now that any prom-related movie will have to touch upon the virginity issue in some way (thanks, "American Pie"), but what about drinking? Drugs? Unfortunately, they're also integral to high school life, and it would be remiss of Disney not to deal with those issues in a realistic way too. I know the action probably won't get too racy, but I hope it's not glossed over completely.

Are you excited about a new high school comedy? What do you think of the mostly unknown cast? Can Disney handle high school realistically?