Miley Cyrus Prefers Not To Read Any Of The 'Bullcrap' Written About Her

By Sandrine Milet

For a 17-year-old, Miley Cyrus has many accomplishments under her belt. From her Disney sitcom “Hannah Montana,” to her superstardom as a pop singer, it’s no wonder that so many girls look up to her. But with the release of her Can’t be Tamed album (don't forget her concert streams for free on MTV tonight!), Miley has been criticized for trying to be far too mature for her age; she’s seen wearing skimpier outfits, dancing sexier, and simulating girl-on-girl kisses to name a few. But in a recent interview, Miley told MTV News how she steers clear from the negativity – she chooses not to read it.

The young star is able to surround herself with positive people who make sure she isn’t exposed to the awful things people say about her. Her team only talks about the good things, to which Miley explained, “I never see anything or read anything that's bad because it's never e-mailed to me by my manager or publicist or whoever.”

Therefore when Miley claimed to not be aware of the gossip surrounding her it’s because “That’s the job of the team that I have around me: to make sure that those things aren't talked about.”

However, the teen responded to the disapproval of her new look and her new album, since MTV News reporter Sway Calloway put the negative gossip out there in the open for Miley. She clarified, “My record isn't the bullcrap that people write about me. My record is what I want to say and what I think is important.”

But over the years, one thing that keeps Miley going is her family. “At the end of the day my parents are proud of me,” Miley continued, and that’s all that matters.

What do you think of Miley's philosophy on negative reviews and chatter: healthy or hurtful?