Three More 'Eclipse' Videos To Ease The Wait Till June 30!

EclipseThere are nine days left until "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" hits theaters, and though "New Moon" was released only seven months ago, it feels like we've had to wait years. Fortunately, Summit Entertainment is full-on sprinting down this last week and a half until the third installment in "The Twilight Saga" is released, and is whipping out new TV spots and clips to the left and right.

A lot of what is included is footage we're already familiar with, so instead of rehashing the old, we're going to focus on what's new and what we like most in the two TV spots and one clip included below.


Except for a few quick shots of the action scene at the end of this TV spot (most of which we saw in this clip last week), there really isn't anything new in this video. What we do like, though, is the way Summit edited together the end of the clip. Bella says, "You don't know what you're getting yourself into," in a way that makes it unclear whether she is talking to Jacob or Edward. This point is further enforced by both of them responding to her (Edward: "I'll protect you, no matter what" and Jacob: "Nothing else matters"), which reiterates their love triangle. Oh, and we get some nice meadow scene shots.

Newborn Vampire Army

Though technically this is described as a "featurette," I'm calling it a TV spot since I saw it on television earlier this week. And there is a lot of new stuff in this featurette. First and foremost, we get to see more of Riley's transformation at the beginning, as well as him dealing with some rebellious newborns. Also, did you catch that bit where some newborns were passing around a red piece of Bella's clothing? That's a scene straight out of "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner." Then there's plenty of extra footage of Carlisle's conversation with Jacob and the wolf pack in his house, when he's trying to make an alliance. Doesn't Taylor Lautner make the word "damn" sound so much hotter?

What we see a lot of is the training exercises that Jasper teaches his family and the wolf pack to help prepare them for fighting newborns, as well as the scene at the beginning of the film where the wolf pack and Cullens are chasing Victoria, but end up fighting each other over territorial lines. As if that wasn't enough, we see plenty more of the final battle, too, and the entire video is narrated by the cast. Our favorite part of the entire video, though, is when Edward takes out Carlisle during vampire fight training.


So no, this won't be as hot as Edward's bedroom scene, but we've been pretty curious about this scene in Bella's bedroom for a while. We have seen stills and quick shots from this in trailers up until now, but turns out the whole scene involved Edward explaining to Bella why he doesn't want her to become a vampire. When she confesses she thought it was because she would be ice cold and smell different, he smiles at her and says one of our favorite lines ever: "You'll always be my Bella." It was cute enough for us to not care that the clips ended right as they started to kiss.

Which of the videos was your favorite and why?