Amanda Bynes Retires From Acting-- Here's Why We'll Miss Her

Amanda BynesHere's proof that we're living in an entirely different generation than our parents: Amanda Bynes announced on Saturday via Twitter that, at the ripe age of 24, she is retiring from acting.

"I've never written the movies & tv shows I've been apart of I've only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play," she tweeted at about 6 a.m. on Saturday. "Being an actress isn't as fun as it may seem."

About 50 minutes later, Amanda additionally tweeted," "If I don't love something anymore I stop doing it. I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it. I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I've #retired."

While we're still scratching our heads around the particulars of this (our guess is she announced it on Twitter because she has pretty much disappeared from everywhere else?), it seems like a safe assumption to say her last role will be alongside Emma Stone in "Easy A."

Amanda hasn't had that many film roles in her 14 year career, but here's a look back at some of our favorites:

Amanda BynesBig Fat Liar, 2002

This was her first big screen role, being better known for "The Amanda Show" and Nickelodeon's "All That" up until this point. It placed her opposite Frankie Muniz (another bygone teen star) and Paul Giamatti in a modern day take on "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," and was a fitting introduction of Amanda to the rest of the world.

Amanda BynesWhat A Girl Wants, 2003

Oh goodness how we loved this movie when it first came out. Sure, that might have been since it starred Colin Firth as Amanda's recently discovered British politician father and cutie Oliver James as her beau (who only lasted as long as starring opposite Hilary Duff in "Raise Your Voice" before disappearing into oblivion), but it doesn't change the fact that the film continued to give us the funny and adorable Amanda that we always loved.

Amanda BynesShe's the Man, 2006

And then there's the greatest role Amanda ever had, solely because it introduced the world to Channing Tatum (this was released five months before "Step Up") and because there is a scene where he sticks a tampon up his nose. Done and done.

Were you surprised when Amanda Bynes announced she was retiring from acting? Will you miss her, or did you hardly notice she was gone?