'True Blood' Recap: Episode 26, 'Beautifully Broken'

True BloodEpisode Title: "Beautifully Broken"

Written By: Raelle Tucker

Story: Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) comes face to face with the man who ordered his kidnapping. Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) gets acquainted with his family. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) pays a visit to Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) to inquire about werewolves, bringing up some bloody memories from his past. A stranger comes to town with an obvious interest not just in Sookie but also Tara (Rutina Wesley).

Picking Up The Pieces: The werewolves are not acting alone. At the very outset of "Beautifully Broken," we learn that these rabid dogs have been sent after Bill on orders from Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare), the Vampire King of Mississippi. He's trying to recruit Bill so that he can learn information about Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood), implying that Bill has long been under her employ — so much so that perhaps his relationship with Sookie was ordered by Sophie-Anne. But any temptation that Bill feels to join Russell's ranks are thrown out the window upon the sight of Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), the vicious vamp who turned Bill in the first place. So what does he do when he sees his old flame? Naturally, he chucks a flame right at her — though don't expect a little fire to extinguish a monster as ferocious as Lorena.

Bill isn't the only one dealing with werewolves, of course. Sookie now knows that the wolves are behind Bill's capture, so she turns to Eric for help on the matter. Eric eventually reveals to her that these wolves are part of an ancient pack that's fueled by vampire blood — in other words, these creatures aren't to be trifled with. Too bad they're looking to trifle with Sookie! In a great cliffhanger scene, Sookie invites Eric into her house as a werewolf closes in on the two of them, leaving the audience to wonder who's going to come out of this scrap alive. (But don't worry too much — there's plenty more of Sookie and Eric in the future.)

In other non-werewolf but still-supernatural news, Sam has finally connected with his family, with Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) revealed to be the shape-shifting bartender's shape-shifting brother. Sam's mom is also a shape-shifter, though his and Tommy's father is not. Despite a warm welcome from his parents, it seems that Tommy has a bone or two to pick with Sam, as evidenced by his decision to lead the Merlotte's owner out into the middle of traffic. Luckily, our favorite shapeshifter is still alive and well — for now, at least.

Meanwhile, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is still dealing with the fallout of murdering Eggs (Mehcad Brooks), though his guilt is somewhat alleviated by the brief appearance of a mysterious woman (Lindsay Pulsipher) and, moments later, his ability to help Andy (Chris Bauer) take down a meth dealer. If you're thinking to yourself that Jason would make for a surprisingly good cop, well, let's just say you're not the only one!

Perhaps the least explained but the most compelling new arrival of the episode is Franklin Mott (James Frain), a British vampire with a great interest in Sookie but a more immediate interest in Tara. Who knows why he's here in Bon Temps, though you can bet his motivations will become clearer in the coming episodes. Also, is anyone else betting that he's responsible for the disappearance of Jessica's (Deborah Ann Woll) deceased biker buddy? That's probably a pretty safe bet!

Bloody Future: Sookie finally meets her very own Jacob Black in the form of Alcide Hevreaux (Joe Manganiello) while Bill and Lorena's feud gets much more close and personal than anyone would ever care to see.

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