Kristen Stewart Will Prep For 'On The Road' With 'A Four-Week Beatnik Boot Camp'

Kristen Stewart is moving from one literary adaptation to another — albeit to something a bit more scholarly than "Twilight." After the actress finishes promoting "Eclipse" next month, she's set to begin filming the long-anticipated movie version of Jack Kerouac's classic novel "On the Road," which helped define the Beatnik generation and is still talked about in many an English class.

The book's pedigree aside, the film also has some well-respected people attached — producer Francis Ford Coppola and director Walter Salles ("The Motorcycle Diaries"), just to name a few. The importance of it all is a little nerve-wracking for Kristen, but she's also excited.

"I'm really nervous, like, honestly and genuinely really nervous about it," she told MTV News last weekend. "But not in a bad way. People think nerves are a bad thing. I love them. They get you ready to do something big. I'm stoked."

Though "On the Road" is considered one of the great American novels, the movie will actually be filmed in Canada. Before shooting begins, the cast (which also includes Garrett Hedlund as road-tripping hero Dean Moriarty, Kirsten Dunst, and Sam Riley) will educate themselves on the history of the Beat movement via a four-week-long "beatnik boot camp" in Montreal.

"That's going to be amazing, because I haven't read everything [the beat generation] read," Kristen said. "There's a huge education process that's going to take place with the whole cast. It's a small movie, so to have that much time is just awesome."

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Can you picture Kristen in a film version of "On the Road?" Should she be nervous about being a part of such a long-anticipated project?

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