Happy Birthday, 'Eclipse' Star Elizabeth Reaser!

In honor of Elizabeth Reaser, a.k.a. Mama Cullen, celebrating her 35th birthday today (yes, way too young and gorgeous to pass for a mother of teenagers, we know), you should probably watch our fun video from this weekend's "Eclipse" interview bonanza that features Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed paying Elizabeth a bunch of compliments.

Oh yeah, they also talk about the six weeks of fight training they all went through before "Eclipse," but we think it's much more important to pay a Birthday Girl some compliments on her special day. Especially since Elizabeth told MTV News that she never intended to do an action movie.

"Elizabeth is slightly more delicate than I am, so I think she was a bit more methodical [in her training]," Nikki said. "As she should be, because I was kind of all over the place and maniacal with all the fight training."

Peter seemed to envy Elizabeth's poise during the fight scenes. "She looks so graceful when she does it," said her onscreen hubby. "It's like 'The Matrix.'"

"Yeah, she does," Nikki agreed. "I looked like a mess, but I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Not one to take praise for granted, Elizabeth offered Nikki a compliment of her own. "No, you don't look like a mess," she told her costar. "No, you look gangsta."

Are you excited to see the fight scenes in "Eclipse?" Got any birthday wishes for Elizabeth? Share them in the comments below.