Ashley Greene On Jay Leno Recap: Auditioning For Bella And Pretending To Be A Lawyer

By Sandrine Milet

We all know that Alice Cullen is the beautiful psychic vampire of the “Twilight Saga”, but many of us might not have known that the actress who plays her, Ashley Greene, is actually one smart cookie. Last night (June 14th), the 23-year-old actress appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to promote “Eclipse."

The conversation quickly went from Ashley’s latest appearance on the cover of Women’s Health magazine, to her early days in Jacksonville, Florida. It seems from an early age that Ashley knew how to get her way, especially with her mom. “I tricked my mother into letting me switch [high schools]…to a magnet school that specialized in law and psychology," the actress told Jay Leno. And she continued explaining, “my mom didn’t think I had a chance, that’s why she let me apply.”

But her tactic worked in her favor, and soon the starlet found herself taking law classes at the magnet school, although enjoying acting in the mock trials even more. Ashley laughed, “I liked to pretend to be a lawyer.” However, she found herself liking a few other things while attending the high school, one of which involved a “Mr. Williams," her chemistry teacher. Of course she noted that she passed the class with a solid A, while Leno joked, “when is Mr. Williams getting out of prison?”

After graduating early, Ash also managed to convince her mom to let her move out to L.A. at the ripe age of 17, where she lived with two of which she called “delusional” roommates. One would spend money on Tiffany earrings, instead of food, and the other was a Russian who walked around in his boxers.

After all her anecdotes, Ashley gave us some deets on the “Twilight Saga”! Although we could only imagine her playing the role of Alice Cullen, the actress told Jay Leno that she had originally auditioned for the part of Bella. “And then they asked me to come back for Alice" — and after three auditions — “they finally gave it to me."

Ashley ended the “Eclipse” promotion with a sneak peak of a scene where the Cullens catch a glimpse of Victoria for the first time. The clip (which we debuted on Hollywood Crush yesterday!) involved a lot of Vampire action through the deep forest, with lots of stunts and special effects. We can’t wait to see more of the Cullen clan battle it out against Victoria and her newborns.

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