Taylor Swift Has Big Plans For New Nashville Apartment: Stingrays and Giant Birdcages!

Taylor Swift just wrapped up her epic Fearless tour and is hard at work on a new album and with word that she's looking to step out of the Hollywood limelight for a while, she now can focus on putting the finishing touches on her new Nashville apartment.

She recently dished that she has two big goals for the apartment: a human-sized birdcage (perhaps inspired by pal Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed" video?) and marine life, but just not any ordinary marine life.

By now, Taylor does very little in an ordinary kind of way. "It's going to be awesome!" she dished. "I'm so excited! I keep saying it's gonna be a month until I can move in [but then it keeps getting delayed more and more]. I keep adding things, so it's my fault."

Her first addition? That aforementioned human-sized birdcage. "It's giant! It's like people-sized!" she exclaimed. "You can put a table in there and I'm going to!"

That other addition: sting rays. Yes, sting rays. "Well, why not?" she mused and when it was pointed out they may smell funny, Taylor had a, uh, swift solution, naturally! "If there are only two of them, it wouldn't be much of an issue! You get a Glade plug-in and you're fine!"

What do you think of Taylor's decorating sense?