MTV Movie Awards' 'Eclipse' Clip, Sandra's Kiss And Tom Felton's Speech: It's Crush Worthy Time!

Before you step away from your computer to enjoy your weekend, check out our Friday Crush Worthy feature. Instead of just telling you about the pop stories you were crushing over the past week, now we're showing you. So press play on the video below to see Hollywood Crush tackle the week's past news and keep reading for more details on our juiciest headlines.

This week on Hollywood Crush you guys couldn't get enough of all the hot moments from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. "New Moon" won a lot of awards, there was kisses galore (hey there, Sandra and Scarlett and, uh, Robert and Kristen) and there was some great looking fashion.

Not only did Kristen Stewart rock a funky little D&G look, but MTV News was on hand as "Jersey Shore" star Snooki went dress shopping. She really wanted something stunning — since she would be hosting the red carpet with our very own Sway — and, she delivered. We loved her little sparkly, white number.

Speaking of things that delivered, we loved what we saw in the "Eclipse" exclusive clip that made its debut at the awards show, even though some might argue Bella's motorcycle high jinx were very un-Bella like. We are still watching it on loop, are you?

And finally, when Mark Wahlberg exited the Gibson Amphitheatre, MTV News was fortunately on hand to capture his apology to "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton, whose speech he interrupted. We forgive you Mark and so does Tom!