Happy Birthday, Joshua Jackson!

Happy Birthday to Joshua Jackson! The man who brought us such epic performances as Charlie Conway in "The Mighty Ducks" flicks, Pacey Witter on "Dawson's Creek" (a boy who could seamlessly do any job: stock broker, chef, ship captain) and now week after week as the adorable Peter Bishop on "Fringe" (he, too, can do anything he sets his mind to: time travel, inter-dimensional espionage, whatever).

His real-life witty personality has kept us swooning for the 32 years he's been on this planet (yup, we were swooning even when we were in the womb!), and his looks have made him a Hollywood Crush favorite for ages now (or, uh, since the site's launch last year.).

None the less, today, on your birthday, we salute you, Joshua Browning Jackson Carter!

Here are some vital JJ facts to get your fans ready for your big day:

1. Josh was born in Vancouver, though, he grew up in California and Seattle before moving back to the homeland

2. He's tall: 6'2''

3. His mom is a casting director

4. His lady is Diane Kruger. Thus, we hold many grudges against her!

5. He might have played Batman. Too bad Christina Bale got the part!

6. He owns our heart

7. He lives part-time in Paris. Ooh la la!

8. He reportedly plays the harmonica, though we'd still like him to prove it!

9. He also could have been Kirk in "Star Trek, " Chris Pine got the role instead

10. He's dated Katie Holmes, Brittany Daniel and Rosario Dawson ૼ talk about your lucky ladies!

Now that you know more about him, leave your birthday wishes in the comments below!

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