'True Blood' Season 3: Six New Clips To Keep Your Taste Buds Tantalized

There are only two days (two days!!!) until "True Blood" season three premieres on HBO, and the anticipation is killing us. It's hard to believe that we've gone 10 months without Sookie, Bill, Eric and Sam, but fortunately we've had plenty of news to keep us busy in that time. The biggest news was that this season would introduce a new member of Bon Temps' supernatural family: werewolves.

We've been rolling out our interview with Joe Manganiello over the past week to introduce you to him and his werewolf character Alcide, who ends up being Sookie's newest love interest. But now we have six new clips from season three to help set the stage after last season's cliff-hanger ending where Bill goes missing. Hint: werewolves had something to do with it.

In our favorite clip of the bunch (if only because we love Eric and Sookie together), Sookie is snooping around, trying to get the 411 from Eric about werewolves. He isn't too quick to give her information though because he's worried she'll end up getting herself killed as humans are like to do. Our favorite line from the clip? Eric showing some of his growing attachment to Sookie by telling her that "your life is too valuable to throw away." Aww!

But, as is often the case, Sookie got her way and, in our next clip, she meets with Alcide for the first time. He is there on orders from Eric, and is only there to help repay his father's debt to the vampire sheriff. Apparently Sookie has already had a run-in with some of the bad werewolves the night before, and she barely scraped away with her life. Alcide refers to them as "a cancer to our kind," but we're relieved to hear that most of the werewolves are decent animals.

A lot of characters were left hanging after Bill's disappearance, but none more so than Jessica. She turns to none other than Eric's second-in-command, Pam, who gives the baby vamp some lessons in feeding on humans. While the interaction is hilarious (Pam thinks about soggy diapers, babies crying and maggots to stop feeding on a human before their blood runs out), we really hope Jessica doesn't end up using humans for snack food.

Check out the other three clips we have for you by clicking on any of the above videos to see: Eric flipping out about Bill's disappearance, Sookie enlisting Jessica's help to find her lost vampire, and Bill facing off against some werewolves.