Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer And Anna Paquin Bring Hot 'Blood' To Entertainment Weekly

By Andrew Maclean

Finally, after months of waiting, the residents of Bon Temps are back promising even more sex, danger, violence, scary werewolves, and even scarier new vampires. "True Blood" season three premiers June 13 on HBO and if you can’t go a few more days without Bill, Sookie, or Eric; you can catch the “Blood-Lust” love triangle on this weeks Entertainment Weekly.

After doubling season one’s rating at 4.3 millions viewers an episode, season two was a wake up call to the world that "True Blood" was here to stay. And with the success of season two, the cast has become famous beyond their own expectations. “It’s quite surreal that people want to take a picture of me buying milk,” said Alexander Skarsgard, who plays the frenemy of the lovely Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northam. “I don’t really get it.”

Fans do though, but they will have to avert their eyes from Eric (if only temporarily) in season three as a new cast of supernatural creatures will be introduced. And with this new cast comes even more interlinking story lines and a new view into the vampire world. Shape shifting Sam Merlotte, (played by Sam Trammell) gave EW the scoop on the world of politics amongst Vampires. “There are some elements, metaphors of racial politics and gender politics — they’re there if you want to look for them, but it’s really popcorn, fun entertainment.”


But if the political system amongst vampires isn’t your cup of Tru Blood, fear not because as with every season you will receive a heavy dose of both action and, of course, nudity. “Having been a fan of the show, you know you’re going to be naked at some point,” says newcomer Joe Manganiello, who plays a werewolf that accompanies Sookie on her quest to find Bill. “I will say that I was welcomed into the brotherhood of the sock. When you’re naked on the show, you have to wear a sock, and it’s not on your foot.”

With the premiere just around the corner, fans can find what to expect from their favorite Louisiana residents in Season Three in Entertainment Weekly. Be sure to pick it before this Sunday!