'Eclipse' Clip: Jacob's Wolf Pack Teases Bella

Werewolf teenage boys are apparently not all that different from their human counterparts! As seen in a new "Eclipse" clip, Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) good ole furry pals give him nothing but hell when he brings his dream girl, Bella (Kristen Stewart), over from enemy territory (his, at least) to his home in La Push.

It's there where she first meets Leah Clearwater (Julia Jones), who clearly has no desire to make Bella feel comfortable. "If you're here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave," Leah snaps. "Fun, isn't she?" Jacob, who is the only one of the pack to be fully clothed, retorts sarcastically.

Unlike Leah, her cousin Emily (Tinsel Korey) is much more welcoming to the visitor and greets her with a big hug just as leader of the pack, Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer) affirms to Jacob that they are all good.

"Sam is the alpha male, the head honcho, but what's funny is — I explain this to Bella as well — Jacob turned down being the alpha male," Taylor explains in an interview following the clip. "You got Jacob, you got Paul, who is the 'hothead' as we like to call him, Jared, who is more of the funny guy — he's played by Bronson [Pelletier], and Bronson is a total prankster — and then Embry and Quil, Jacob's best friends who are always there for him. Always right by him."

So now that we've inside the Cullen house and hung out at Billy Black's, what's left for us to see from the third movie in the Saga? Oh, I don't know, maybe a certain tent scene (though we'd bet Summit is saving that biggie for the big screen) or Victoria's first encounter with Riley in Seattle.

What did you think of this first real look at the wolf pack? Is Leah Clearwater how you pictured her?

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