Newest 'Eclipse' Clip Takes Us Inside The Tense Cullen House

SummitAs if we weren't already pumped enough for ""Eclipse,"The Insider got their hands on an exclusive clip from the film that is completely and totally brand-spankin' new. RPattz introduces it by setting up the Edward/Jacob tension which made "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" cultural normalcies.

"Bella had been getting closer to Jacob in ''New Moon,' and now they have a very strong bond," Robert says. "Edward's still relatively resentful of that and becomes openly resentful throughout 'Eclipse,' but eventually he's called upon to have to accept his help and the rest of the wolf pack's help to have to defeat Victoria's army of newborns."

Since everyone and their mother who knows anything about "Eclipse" knows that it is Victoria who is the bad-girl vampire orchestrating all the mayhem in Seattle, we almost forgot that there was a point in time that the Cullens didn't realize that. In this clip, Jasper and Edward join the rest of the clan (and Bella!) at their house to try to figure out what is going on.

Edward says the scent of the intruder on their land is a stranger (who we come to know later is Riley), and Alice is convinced that it can't be Victoria who is scoping them out because she would have seen the red-headed baddie make a decision to attack them. Edward is convinced it is the Volturi, come to check to see if Bella is still human after their confrontation in "New Moon," but Alice said she would have known if it was them, too.

This means that the Cullens are back to their usual schtick — guarding Bella from any and all bad guys — and Rosalie's not too happy about "another protection detail." But Edward would do anything to keep Bella safe, as he has told her before.

"I'm not leaving you here defenseless," he tells Bella.

"Well I'm not going to let you starve," she responds to the idea of him protecting her nonstop until their enemy is found. Then she brings the "oh no she didn't!" meter up to the next level by saying, "And I wouldn't be unprotected. I have..."

The look on Edward's face is worth a thousand words, but all he has to say is, "What?" to let us know he knows exactly who she's talking about: Jacob.

What do you think of this new clip? Can you stand to wait the next 21 days until "Eclipse" hits theaters?

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