Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Music Video Reveals Her Newest Pair Of Sunglasses

Lady Gaga is known for her unique sense of style and love for all things couture, but ever one of Gaga's little monsters also knows that in each one of her videos, she also debuts a new pair of sunglasses.

"We design a pair of sunglasses in every video," Gaga told MTV News of her Haus of Gaga team's wacky eyewear creations.

In "Just Dance" she had on some regular looking sunglasses and since then they have grown more and more elaborate. In "Pokerface not only did she have rhinestone studded lens on her glasses, but she also had lenses that read culture. In "Paparazzi" she had flip glasses that almost looked like Mickey Mouse and another pair that looked similar to the ones she wore in "Just Dance."

Of course "Bad Romance" had the razor blade sunglasses, which marked a dangerous turn in eyewear. She followed that look up with a hair telephone monocle and a pair of sunglasses made of burning cigarettes.

Now, Gaga has unveiled her latest creation: a pair of Steampunk inspired goggles. While they don't light on fire or spell out any phrases, they do serve a function of shielding Gaga's eyes as she mourns for a lover in her just released "Alejandro" video, shot by fashion photographer, Steven Klein.

Press play below to get a closer look at Lady Gaga's sunglasses:

What do you think of the "Alejandro" video? What about Gaga's newest shades?

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