Miley Cyrus' Calls Liam Hemsworth's Taste In Clothes 'Odd,' Prefers Her Gay Best Friend's Look More

By Eileen Reslen

Miley Cyrus took a trip across the pond and put rumors of trouble in paradise with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to rest by sharing how the magic of the movies can bring two stars together with BBC One's "The Graham Norton Show."

Before going over to the English shores to dish juicy dating details, months prior Miley had been frolicking on U.S. shores on the set of "The Last Song" where her and co-star Liam in fact met. “Our first scene was actually our first day, which is yeah, our anniversary coming up,” she said.

For Miley, love is very much in the air and host Graham Norton just couldn’t resist asking whether wedding bells would be ringing sometime soon (apparently he forgot she's only 17!).

It appears Miley, uh, “can’t be tamed,” because she answered the host’s question with a sour face, wide-eyed expression and a very pronounced “Ooh, no!”

While Liam may also not be ready to assume the role of Miley’s hubby (as visiting guest Usher slyly pointed out), he sure is doing a good job of playing that of a great boyfriend.

“I actually got flowers sent to my hotel this morning and I was real excited,” Miley gushed. “And it was really sweet. It was the first time he ever like sent me flowers on the road.”

Aw, take notes boys!

But wait, all that glitters is not gold. Seems perfect Liam is not so perfect after all — that is when it comes down to his fashion sense, at least.

“His taste is a little odd,” Miley confessed. “I have a problem with people who wear board shorts when they're not going to the beach, and he’s constantly in surf trunks.”

If Liam doesn’t watch his back some other competition may sweep Miss Cyrus off her feet. Who is the mystery guy that Miley has her eye own? Her gay best friend!

“My best friend is gay, which doesn't help because he's always decked out really hot and then I see my boyfriend, and I'm just like, 'I kinda want that one,'” she said referring to her stylish pal before jokingly musing, “Even though you don’t like me, I really like you.”

To watch Miley's full appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," head over to YouTube!

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