Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds Have A New 'Proposal': To Star In 'Most Wanted' Together

With EW's surprise announcement yesterday that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are set to be starring in yet another romantic comedy together, suddenly Scarlett Johansson's choice to smooch Sandy at the MTV Movie Awards doesn't seem so random.

Maybe her jealousy was less from the fact that her hubby got to smooch the Generation Award winning star in "The Proposal" and more from the fact he's be getting to do it all over again in the upcoming "Most Wanted."

Pitched by "The Proposal" screenwriter Pete Chiarelli and set to be directed by "The Proposal's" Anne Fletcher (and produced by the same producers as well), "Most Wanted" seems to be wanted to replicate the winning formula that made "The Proposal" such a hit last year, while adding some of the action that has made Sandra a star in the past.

The plot follows a criminal suspect (Sandra) who is captured and escorted to court by an FBI Agent (Ryan) before they are ambushed and sent on the run. Or, basically "The Bounty Hunter" minus the lame oh-hey-they're-ex's angle and with the potential to be good. Zing!

Since "The Proposal" was the film that started Sandra's big comeback last year, it's not too surprising that she chose to reunite with the same team for her first film of 2010. We're also glad to see that Ryan has taken a break from all his comic book movies (as much as we are ridiculously excited for all of them) to work on another romcom.

But in this situation, we're interested to see the next movie Scarlett will make. She has shown that she isn't willing to let Ryan have all the fun (she followed his into comic book films in "Iron Man 2" and, of course, stole that infamous smooch), so we're kind of hoping that she picks up some sort of role in "Most Wanted." Or at least stars in a romcom of her own.

Are you excited that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are working together again? Were you surprised that she chose to have her next film after her Oscar win be a romantic comedy?

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