'Abduction' Star Lily Collins Is Psyched About Her Summer Plans: 'Three Months With Taylor Lautner'!

By Sandrine Milet

A couple of years ago you may not have known this 21 year old, but Lily Collins is making a name for herself. She’s worked with A-listers such as Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in “The Blind Side," and has just wrapped up filming “Priest” with Stephen Moyer and Cam Gigandet. Now you’ll be able to find this beautiful starlet acting alongside Taylor Lautner as his love interest in their upcoming action thriller, “Abduction.”

At the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, Lily gave us a little taste of what she’ll be up to in the upcoming months. “Three months of hanging out with Taylor,” she explained, while sarcastically adding, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Seems like her summer will be far from boring, and we’re pretty jealous.

But when you’re shooting a film with one of the hottest stars of the “Twilight” saga whose known for his rock hard abs and bursting biceps, you know that fans will be asking if they can expect to see him shirltess. Lily candidly confessed, “I’m sure they’ll work out something to make sure that he does at some point... which I’m sure everybody would totally hate, right?”

No objections to a shirtless Lautner, but we’re more excited to see these two on screen together. In fact, according to Lily, they already have a good relationship. “Oh yeah, we’re friends," she concluded.

Well it looks like her summer is off to a good start!

What do you think of Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner working on a film together? Do you want to see Taylor shirtless in “Abduction”?

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