Katy Perry's Blue MTV Movie Awards Wig Was Inspired By Her Upcoming Role In 'Smurfs'

By Eileen Reslen

She wore a blue wig and she liked it. Katy Perry sported a new do at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, and it turns out it was somewhat inspired by the upcoming live-action/animated flick she's in, "The Smurfs."

"My mom wouldn't let me [watch the show when I was younger]," Katy recalled to MTV News' Josh Horowitz on the red carpet. "She thought that Smurfette was a little bit slutty being the only female in the village. Now I showed her! I called her up and was like, 'Guess what, mom? I'm Smurfette!'"

Well, with a sparkly dress, yellow fingernails and a dash of confidence, Katy can obviously pull off what it takes to be the only girl who hangs around with a group of boy smurfs in the update of the cartoon.

And while her mom may think Katy's character, Smurfette, is the town floozy, another performer on the 2010 Movie Awards stage may have made momma Perry blush even more.

Christina Aguilera performed a medley of songs from her new album Bionic with glowing LED heart on her woman-parts and all.

Meanwhile, despite rumors of some birthday suit action going on, Katy left the sexiness to Xtina by staying playful during her performance of "California Gurls" in a glittery pink top and cute, you guessed it, BLUE Daisy Duke shorts.

But, let’s get back to the hair — no, she didn’t leave it behind for the performance! Perhaps she's setting a new trend into motion? A blue do may just be the new iconic hair color for Cali girls. Sorry, blondes!

What did you think of Katy Perry's blue wig? Which of her Movie Awards looks was your favorite?

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