MTV Movie Awards 2010: Lindsay Lohan Says She Took 'Inferno' Role Because She Likes 'A Challenge'

By Eileen Reslen

Flash back to the 2004 MTV Movie Awards and you would find a red-haired, bubbly and slightly less controversial Lindsay Lohan center stage, hosting the whole show! However these days, you are more likely to find Linds in front of the lens of paparazzi than that of a televised red carpet event-which is perhaps why some may have been a bit surprised to see the new blonde at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

MTV News caught up with her on the red carpet and asked who she thought would take the golden popcorn for Best Movie. Between front running films about vampires, aliens and Vegas — Lindsay chose to root for the boys from the hilarious, boozed up bachelor trip “The Hangover."

“It was actually on the other day at my apartment,” Lindsay shared. “It was really funny. I’m a fan of all of them!”

But Lindsay wasn’t just there to tell us who her picks for the night were. She also gave us more insight into her upcoming role in the film “Inferno," in which she plays former porn star Linda Lovelace — a racy role Lindsay says she is not at all intimidated by.

“I like a challenge,” she said. “I think that’s what acting is all about. I think, you know, morphing into different characters is the fun of being able to have this job.”

It seems it’s going to take more than tabloids, court cases and daddy drama to keep this young actress out of the limelight.

Are you excited to see Lindsay back on the big screen? Or do you worry the role might be too racy even for her?