2010 MTV Movie Awards Fashion: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton Among Our Worst Dressed

Now, we're used to seeing "unconventional" outfits on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, but this year's looks really took it to the next level. For reasons we still can't explain, the trend of choice was over-the-top sparkles and studs. Unsurprisingly, it was a look that few were able to pull off. Of course, it wasn't the only red carpet theme that had us saying tsk tsk. Check out our list to see the rest.

We understand that Christina Aguilera is all about reinventing herself, but it felt like she was trying too hard to push the envelope in her black Versace gown (was it missing half-a-skirt?) and pin-up girl hair do. In fact, we actually liked her performance outfits way more than her red carpet ensemble!

We're wondering if the portion of Xtina's missing skirt may have landed on Jessica Biel! Her Giambattista Valli number was almost too juxtaposed with a party on the bottom and business on the top.

Lindsay Lohan chose to wear a sparkly Pamella Roland jumpsuit on to the red carpet, and while we loved the 70s, the Movie Awards is not a disco.

Another starlet that confused us with her choice of red carpet wear was one we adore: "Vampire Diaries" star Katerina Graham. Her white dress was too prom-like for our taste and those bold blue shoes didn't go. To make things worse, the necklace she wore, while pretty as an individual piece, was just too much when paired with the dress. Same goes for her bright coral lipstick.

When we caught sight of the print on Eva Mendes' Stella McCartney dress, we were in love. The mix of gold and bright blue was just right, and we thought, "Really what could go wrong?" Well, apparently, the fit. The dress would have totally rocked if it wasn't too big for her.

Another red carpet worst was Paris Hilton's white ensemble. We feel like we've seen Paris in the same frilly dress repeatedly throughout the years (usually, though, it's some shade of pink) and it's time for her to change it up a bit!

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Who was on your MTV Movie Awards 2010 worst dressed list?