2010 Movie Awards Men's Fashion: Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron And More Steal The Show

This year, the guys at the MTV Movie Awards nearly showed up the girls. Sure, there were a few things we didn't love, like um Miami Vice-ish jackets (ahem Jackson Rathbone!), but overall, we thought the guys did a pretty great job. Check out our men's fashion recap to find out who impressed us, and who still has a ways to go.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner may be fighting it out for the same girl on-screen, but when it comes to their red carpet style, there's no competition. Taylor wins this one hands down. Taylor's signature cleaned up look impressed us yet again last night, while RPattz' undersized jacket and brown khakis left a lot to be desired. We will give Robert points for the trimmed down haircut though!

Now, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill may have very different styles, but our favorite "Get Him to the Greek" stars managed to impress us in their own ways last night. Russell looked every bit the rockstar in his grey silk pants and unbuttoned chest-baring vest, while Jonah looked casually cool in a black blazer, checkered shirt and sneakers.

Zac Efron, we've had enough. Not only are you positively dreamy, but you dress. so.well. Seriously, the jacket, the jeans, the hair...it was all great. A girl can only take so much. Back to "Twilight" for a second, though, Peter Facinelli gave Taylor some serious competition last night when he showed up in a suit jacket, button down and tie. Do you guys think Peter outshined his "Twilight" co-stars?


Who were your favorite guys on the red carpet last night? Do you agree with our best and worst picks?

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