Exclusive 'Eclipse' Clip Seen On MTV Movie Awards: Watch Now!

Is it June 30 yet? And can you really wait the next 24 days after seeing that exclusive "Eclipse" clip? Didn't think so, but here's a solution: read our thoughts on it, and then rewatch the clip for the next two hours. It will kind of work. Sort of.

The special clip for the MTV Movie Awards was an extended scene from what we've already seen in the "Eclipse" trailers, but they certainly saved the juicy stuff for us. It is the confrontational scene from the beginning of the film where Bella (Kristen Stewart) first finds out — thanks to her BFF Jacob (Taylor Lautner) — that Victoria(Bryce Dallas Howard) is coming to try to kill her.

It takes place after Bella and Edward (Robert Pattinson)visit Bella's mom Renee in Jacksonville, Fla. (we saw a brief clip of this in the first "Eclipse" trailer), and the clip starts off with Jacob asking Bella about it. "Charlie said you left town," he asks Bella in the Forks High School parking lot.

"Yeah, to visit my mom. Why?" Bella responds, with a not-too-happy Edward next to her.

"He's checking to see if you're still human," Edward comments.

"Look, I'm here to warn you. If you're kind comes on our land again" Jacob threatens, and then comes the part of the scene we've already seen in trailers. "You should leave. Now," Edward says, and Jake replies, "She has a right to know," then adds, "She is the one the redhead wants."

"The redhead" of course refers to Victoria, the pissed off girlfriend of the now-dead James who Edward killed in "Twilight." She's been working on her revenge since that film ended, and "Eclipse" is all about her making her big move.

But back to the scene: Bella connects the dots too, asking, "Victoria?" and then realizes that's what the vision Alice had earlier that day must have meant. Edward tries to placate Bella by saying, "I was trying to protect you," but she doesn't go down as easily as she did in the book. "By lying to me!" she retorts angrily.

Then she turns her anger on Jacob. "You. Why haven't you called me back?" "I had nothing to say," he replies in an angry tone. "Well I have tons," she announces, finally standing up for herself. She turns to Edward and tells him that he has to trust her, to which he replies, "I do trust you, it's him I don't trust."

Then, in a brand new turn of events, Bella hops on the back of Jacob's motorcycle and an accomplished grin crosses his face. "Lose the grin, Jacob," Bella says. "I'm just going for a ride," before the two of them take off from the school parking lot. Umm, that was definitely not in the books!

From what we remember, the Forks High principal is supposed to come out, kick Jacob off the high school property for looking like a thug, and then Bella and Edward go on to class. In fact, we're pretty sure it's not until Bella later sneaks off to La Push one Edward-less afternoon that she actually gets a chance to hang out with her furry friend. Looks like David Slade took some creative — and fun — liberties with that one.

After that, Summit put together a quick montage of clips from the film, most of which we've already seen, but some — most notably a french meadow kiss! — that we haven't. Between that and their almost-kiss tonight, we are going in to a total Robsten overdose. Is that even possible?

What did you think of that surprise ending? Did you like the new clip?

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