MTV Movie Awards 2010: We Live Blogged The Red Carpet!

Clear a comfy seat on your couch, turn your TV to MTV and get your bowl of golden popcorn popping because the 2010 MTV Movie Awards are upon us! Stay with MTV News staffers Jocelyn Vena (who will be live on the scene) and Lindsay Soll throughout the pre-show as we bring you every last ounce of gossip and fashion we can squeeze out of the red carpet at the Gibson Amphitheatre. So, get ready for a live blog extravaganza, HIT REFRESH OFTEN (note that the newest posts will appear at the bottom) and weigh-in in often in the comments section below!

6:23 Welcome to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards!!

6:24 Our inside reporter, Jocelyn, is placed on the red carpet and ready to go! In case you want to know, she is wearing a strapless black leopard embossed Jill Stuart dress — look for her on TV!

6:26 It's a bajillion degrees out at the Universal Lot in L.A. Let's hope the starlets are able to keep their makeup fresh and their clothes on! We might not say as much to, uh, say Bradley Cooper or Zac Efron though!

6:30 Our other MTV News reporters are also quite fashion savvy tonight (as they always are!). Sway is rocking a grey pinstripe vest and matching suit pants along with a blue shirt and multicolored tie. Very dashing! All of it is by Sean John. Tim Kash looks James Bond-chic in Dolce & Gabbana: a suit jacket, vest, t-shirt and jeans combo.

6:32 "Eclipse" star Chaske Spencer is also here already! He looks cute in jeans and a blazer. We're starting to think this will be the standard attire for the guys tonight.

6:38 The nights big DJ's, LMFAO, just arrived. We'll try our best to describe their over the top (yeah, no surprise here!) outfits: Red Foo is in a gold suit complete with studs and spiderweb patches, while Sky Blu has on white jeans and a Michael Jackson-inspired white, black and red motorcycle jacket. Crazy looks boys, but we love it!

6:44 Random red carpet sighting: there's a dude here dressed like Waldo from "Where's Waldo." It still doesn't top the Scooby Doo or Beatlejuice sightings we had at the Universal lot earlier today!

6:46 Pint-sized designer extraordinaire Christian Siriano is here doing his thang for He looks like anything but a hot tranny mess in a Louis Vuitton graffiti print t-shirt, a very cool black textured blazer and super super skinny jeans!

6:52 Just saw a guy with some sort of animal-like furry cap on his head. And now Waldo is standing behind the girls from MTV's new show "Downtown Girls."

6:55 We've got wolf pack member #2!!!! Alex Meraz is wearing a light grey blazer and jeans — like we said, it will be tonight's male uniform.

6:57 Kid Cudi has arrived, and he's in jeans, red kicks and a black t-shirt. Very cool in this super hot weather. Also, those people with furry hats are apparently vikings — maybe there was a costume portion to the red carpet invitation that we missed!?

7:03 Donald Glover from "Community" is here looking more Clark Kent than Peter Parker — not that we're complaining! He's in a totally awesome fitted navy suit with dreamy thick framed glasses.

7:05 "The Hills" alert! Lo Bosworth is sooooo Hollywood chic in her lowcut, pleated pumpkin-colored Diane von Furstenberg gown, and Stephanie Pratt is looking wow in her very mini one shoulder neon, black and sparkly dress. No one can miss Audrina Patridge either in her her silver dress paired with those infamous Balenciaga sparkle heels!

7:07 Ken Jeong also in jeans and blazer. This outfit is starting to feel like a Twitter trend!

7:11 WHOA! Did we just see "Vampire Diaries" little bro Jeremy, we mean Steven R. McQueen, WITH Chelsea Staub from "JONAS" holding hands?? New couple alert?

7:15 Confirmed: Steven and Chelsea were holding hands! Swoon! In Nickelodeon news, Victoria Justice from "Victorious" has arrived — she's in a hot pink dress, which we think might by Missoni (we'll try to find out for sure!). "The City" girls have made their way to L.A., too. Whitney Port is looking lovely in a body-hugging mustard and grey strapless dress and Kelly and Roxy are in all black! How NYC of them!

7:18 And right behind the girls from "The City" is a few of the boys from "The Buried Life" — is this date night for Whitney and Ben?

7:20 And there's the star of "The Hard Times of RJ Berger," Paul Iacono. He's gonna be a big deal ... get it? Don't forget to watch the premiere of the show tonight after the Movie Awards!

7:22 The new, hot vampire from "Eclipse," Xavier Samuel spotted! Wow, he is so hot! Part of that must be because he's got a sweater on under his blazer, and it's literally 7,000 degrees out. Maybe newborn vampires don't sweat?

7:24 Logan Lerman is also on the scene. He's very downtown cool in a stripped t-shirt and jeans.

7:28 Lucy Hale from the upcoming new ABC Family show, "Pretty Little Liars" wearing in subtle, yet sparkly navy and beige dress by Touy. The show's stylist just dished she had to do last-minute alterations this morning!

7:30 Mark Salling from "Glee" here wearing a plaid shirt, not very weather appropriate dude, but still so cute! Elizabeth Reaser in a very sexy black tuxedo style pants suit. Wowza! Mama Cullen's showing off lots of skin!

7:31 Logan Lerman just told us that although he's wearing a jacket he says he's still cool because its light weight. What a sweetie!

7:32 Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith arrived together and are wearing lots. of. denim. Oh and, hey there TI, we love a man who wears pastels! He's in Ralph Lauren's Purple label.

7:38 Just saw Anna Kendrick! She's in a lovely mini red and pink floral print Zac Posen gown Next up, is Leah Clearwater (we mean Julia Jones) from "Eclipse." She's in a grey, textured little number.

7:40 There's Miranda Cosgrove in a red velvet and silk structured dress. Very lady like, iCarly!

7:45 15 minutes left till the pre-show airs on MTV! Who is ready to get some "Jersey Shore" sneak peeks?

7:47 Jason Segal is looking a bit scruffy, yet lighthearted in a suit. Julianne Hough, mean while, is quite possibly in the littlest black dress we have ever seen. But, hey, she can pull it off!

7:53 Christopher Mintz-Plasse is in grey and is followed by Johnny Weir, who is wearing a copper blazer by Lisa Overland and tulle bowtie. Oh my, Scarlett Johansson looks lovely back as a blonde! She's wearing a very-Scarlett-ish green frock.

7:56 Confirmed: Scarlett is in head to toe D&G. One of the night's most anticipated performers, Christina Aguilera, just graced the carpet. She's in a very couture black Versace dress and has her hair up in a bit of a pin-up girl meets Rihanna way.

7:59 Jackson Rathbone sighting! He's in a satin blue blazer and the rest of his outfit is black. Very rocker chic — he's making those 100 Monkeys proud! He wanted to wear sunglasses, but he told us his stylist said it made him look too cool for school! I suggested he defy the man and put them on!

8:03 While the pre-show is on, on MTV, we'll continue to bring the behind-the-scenes goods! Nikki Reed in a fun, sort of 60s retro print dress. We think she said it was by Blumarine made it, but it's very loud out here!

8:04 Paris and Nicky Hilton have arrived! Paris is in a cream, satin and feathered Blumarine dress. Nicky in a turquoise sequined dress.

8:05 Looks like we have the winner to our Snooki dress poll: dress # 4! She looks great in it!

8:06 Katy Perry has donned a BRIGHT blue wig for the occasion. She's wearing an amazing skintight, very short long sleeved nude and silver colored dress.

8:10 Paris Hilton just said that Katy's dress is "sick." She's not wrong.

8:11 Nicky Hilton just took a picture of Snooki and Paris! How cute!

8:12 Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens just stepped onto the carpet. He's in a plaid blazer with jeans and she's in a white slightly nightgown-ish Jenny Packham dress.

8:13 Snoop Dogg thinks Kobe is king. How do we know? His shirt says it! Katy Perry's "sick" dress is by Zuhair Murad.

8:15 A surprise guest: Lindsay Lohan is here! She's wearing a LOT of sparkle.

8:16 Jackson Rathbone's jacket is quite teal, maybe a little too much teal, but we appreciate this short hair do!

8:18 Eva Mendes in a stunning turquoise and silver Stella McCartney one shoulder dress. And we've got more deets on Lindsay's dress, she's in Pamella Roland.

8:21 How cute are Lucy Hale and Shailene Woodley? ABC Family gets one step closer to the hotness of the CW with "Pretty Little Liars."

8:24 You never know what's going to happen during a commerical break: Snooki and J-Woww just kissed right before our eyes! J-Woww laughed and said, "she got me into it!"

8:26 Two thumbs up to Zac's haircut, too! Wonder if Jackson and him go to the same place?

8:27 Russell Brand might be in the lowest cut shirt of the night ... and he's wearing satin pants! Oh Russell, you may have managed to outdo your fiancee's wig!

8:31 There's our girl Anna Kendrick!

8:36 Anyone else finding the team of Sway and Snooki to be hilarious??

8:37 The Situation is wearing a vest and if we don't get a chance to see him up close and in person, it will be be an MTV Movie Awards fail!

8:38 Samuel L. Jackson is just chilling leaning up against a red carpet set piece. And of course he's wearing his token Kangol hat and shades.

8:39 We just saw Diddy and Tyrese. Much Like Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, there is lots of denim going on.

8:41 Warren the Ape may or may not be sober. Either way, he is loving getting his groove on with Snooki!

8:43 The Robert Pattinson-Les Grossman commercial will NEVER get old. The way Rob says "dirt" is just so funny!

8:45 Shaun White just showed up, and he's revealed his situation!

8:46 Swooki! Tim Kash so just coined the best new nickname of the year!

8:47 Jessica Biel's in a sheer blouse, pink ribbon belt and a sequined skirt. Ladies who lunch still know how to party!

8:49 Kristen Stewart is here!! She has a long ponytail and her hair color looks a little bit lighter (but is still brown). She's wearing a short, grey skirt and gold top (might be a dress, might be separates, we are too far away to tell right now!). She looks very polished though.

8:52 Confirmed: Kristen is in D&G. She's currently joking around with her publicist on the carpet.

8:57 The carpet is coming to a close as everyone is wrangled inside for the actual show! We never saw Robert or Taylor, though, bummer! Also, Betty White! Where's that hot mama?

9:00 Thanks for staying with us on this magic (red) carpet ride! Head over to Movie's Blog now for more live blogging action during the show!