2010 MTV Movie Awards Performer Katy Perry Promises Lots Of ... Nakedness?

As if you didn't already have enough reasons to be watching Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, Katy Perry has another one for you: she's going to be performing her newest single, "California Gurls," live with Snoop Dogg.

Still not enough? How about the fact she said shell be performing in the nude? Or at least she's willing to let you think that to get you to watch the show.

"I think that this performance will be really Californian I will be naked," she joked. "There will be tons of naked girls. Listen: You gotta tune in, because yours truly, Katy Perry, will be naked. That's the only reason to watch."

Actually, there's at least one other reason to watch, and it also pertains to Katy. An exclusive sneak peak of the "California Gurls" music video will debut during the pre-show, which is co-hosted by MTV's own Snooki. Katy teases that the video is "definitely something to watch when you have the munchies" because everything in the music video is edible. A Hansel and Gretel theme, perhaps?

And though her Movies Award date and fiance, Russell Brand, is the man of the hour with his new film "Get Him To The Greek" in theaters this weekend, he promises he will let her be the star of the show.

"We're both going to be at the Movie Awards. Katy's going to be performing her new, brilliant single, 'California Gurls'," Russell told MTV New. "[It's going to be] me standing awkwardly with ['Greek' co-stars] Jonah Hill and Puff Daddy."

Oh, the sacrifices we make for love.