Chace Crawford Gets Into The NYC Drug Scene In Our EXCLUSIVE Reveal Of 'Twelve' Trailer

"Gossip Girl" fans looking to take the Nate-less edge off their summer should direct their attention immediately to MTV's exclusive new trailer for Chace Crawford's new movie, "Twelve."

We already knew this from April's teaser trailer, but Chace departs from a privileged world of rich kids on the Upper East Side to... another privileged world of rich kids on the Upper East Side. But this time, he gets himself into a LOT more trouble. Grandfather wouldn't approve.

Twelve PosterInstead of playing mind games with their classmates to make their fun, the kids in "Twelve" turn to Chace's White Mike (ha!), a drug dealer who supplies them with whatever they need — except the mysterious new drug, Twelve. That's handled by 50 Cent.

White Mike is also one of the bored rich kids, and tricks his girlfriend, played by Emma Roberts, into thinking that he's working for his father. But when his cousin, Charlie (Jeremy Allen White), is murdered by 50 Cent (fine, we know he's not actually playing himself, but they never say his name in the trailer so it's more fun this way), his two worlds collide.

Scandalous! But not in "Gossip Girl"'s fun, witty way. "Twelve" looks pretty serious. In fact, with the dramatic voiceover in the beginning of the trailer, it might even take itself too seriously. Either way, we're intrigued. And Emily Meade looks like she will be a revelation as one of the Twelve-addicted teens.

Will you see "Twelve"? Is it enough of a departure for Chace? What did you think of our exclusive trailer?

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