'New Moon' Vs 'Avatar' At the MTV Movie Awards: Celebrities Pick Sides!

By Sandrine Milet

It’s Vampires vs Aliens this year at the MTV Movie Awards! Both “New Moon” and “Avatar” have been nominated in five categories, including Best Movie and Best Female-Performance — meaning that the these two movies will battle it out this Sunday. But who’s going to steal the most votes? Will it be those cold-blooded vampires who steam up the screen, or will it be the blue Aliens from Pandora?

Even some of our favorite celebs seem torn! Nikki Reed sticks with her movie “New Moon." But the star also happily gave props to “Avatar” and even adds that “there are no words” to describe the movie.

Other celebs who sided with Nikki’s “New Moon” choice were Marissa Miller and Stephanie Pratt, but Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, were on opposing sides. Kim’s mom answered that they were “Avatar” fans, but Kim was quick to change that answer to side with the vampires.

Those blue aliens had their support from other stars too, with Adam Lambert and Akon both agreeing that they loved “Avatar”. But the real question that Tyrese Gibson asks is whether the “teenage thing” or the “revolutionizing filmmaking thing” will bring this close race to an end.

Don't miss the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, airing live from Los Angeles on Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Who do you think will take the most wins this Sunday? Are you “Team Twilight” or “Team Avatar”?