'Life As We Know It' Trailer: Katherine Heigl And Josh Duhamel Enroll In Parenting 101

It's been a while since we heard any news on the "Life As We Know It" front, but today we have been graced with a trailer of the upcoming Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel romcom. What do you have ahead of you? About two and a half minutes of a screaming couple running around after a much quieter baby. But don't worry, it's cute. Sort of.

If you feel like you're having deja vu, don't worry, Katherine Heigl also has another romcom about to make its way in to theaters. At least "Life" is somewhat distinguishable from "Killers," thanks to that film being about a spy couple and this one following an unattached, unlikely couple who are brought together after their best friends pass away and leave them custody of their baby.

Though most of what we see in the trailer is Katherine and Josh taking care of baby Sophie, we're crossing our fingers that the movie will have a little more romance to it than cleaning up diapers, stopping Sophie from pooping in a tub, and accidentally dropping her on the floor — several times, we might add! There was a brief glimpse of a hot make out scene somewhere in the midst, but, though we can already predict the end of this film (three words: happily ever after) we really hope director Greg Berlanti takes us through the bases.

There are some high points to the trailer though. Yes, that is "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks as Alison, Sophie's short-lived mother. And that's also David Wallace Andy Buckley as the lawyer who breaks the news to Katherine and Josh. It sounds like a decent supporting cast, but we just aren't sure how much screen time they are going to get. From the descriptions of their characters, not very much.

Right now we're torn between "undecided" and "meh" on this trailer, but that's mostly because we're a bit sick of seeing Katherine star in every romcom that comes out nowadays.

Are you liking this trailer more than we are? Will you see it when it hits theaters on October 8? Sounds off in the comments section below or on Twitter!