Ashley Greene, Ryan Kwanten, Matthew Morrison And More Named InStyle's Sexiest Stars

In case you hadn't heard, InStyle's June issue is much like the soaring temperature in NYC today: hot, hot, hot. The mag talked to 12 stars they deemed worthy enough for their special June "Sexy Issue," and now they're revealing a few online-only photos and quotes to keep our hearts racing.

Two of the prettiest faces from "Eclipse," Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, appeared in the issue. When asked when they feel the sexiest, Ashley took a deeper approach to the question ("I feel most beautiful at night when I take my makeup off and it's just me," she told the magazine. "I don't get to see that a ton."), while Kellan went the sarcastic route. "I find sexy when I look in the mirror," he joked. "I mean look at me: I'm just drop-dead sexy—God broke the mold with me."

"True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten, however, wasn't quite as "haughty" as Kellan. "I will be keeping my shirt on [for this shoot]," he insisted to InStyle. "You get enough of that in the show." Apparently, he prefers to keep his physique hidden when possible due to the beliefs of ancient Austrailians. "The Aborigines have a philosophy that photos steal your soul, so I haven't loved photo shoots, but have come to realize they're a necessary evil in my business."

"Glee" star Matthew Morrison's personal sexy trait comes from, what else, but those times he shook his groove thang. "The sexiest thing about me? I have those muscle lines right over my hips from my dancing days," he said. "I call them my dancing lines."

Emilie de Ravin, a.k.a. the girl who probably knows the most about what it takes to be sexy — she's starred opposite Robert Pattinson and all those smoldering "Lost" hotties — gave InStyle her own must-have checklist when it comes to the opposite sex. "Smart! Not cocky smart—but intelligent," she said. "Plus I find nervousness an incredible turn on. That sort of 'getting to know you' period."

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Which star is the sexiest in your mind? Was anyone left of InStyle's list that deserved to be there?