'True Blood' EXCLUSIVE! New Season 3 Poster Proves Every Dog Has Its Day

Over the last several weeks, the good folks at HBO have released a series of teaser posters to promote the upcoming third season premiere of "True Blood." Today, Hollywood Crush is proud to bring you an exclusive first look at one of these posters — and boy, is it a doozy!

Past posters have dealt with all kinds of supernatural elements, from blood-filled coffee pots to a zoo devoted entirely to the shape-shifting population. Today's poster, however, provokes an extra head scratch or two — but we're pretty sure we have a good idea of what it all means.

Check out our exclusive first look at the poster after the jump!

As you can see, the poster depicts an old photograph dating back to 1962. Pictured here is an adorable little girl cozying up with an equally precious puppy. But the photo's description — "Me & little sister Sally" — causes quite a bit of initial confusion.

True Blood

Our hunch is that the dog itself is actually a shape-shifter posing with his or her little sister, Sally. As this season is said to shine the spotlight on shape-shifters thanks to Sam Merlotte's (Sam Trammell) exploration of his own family history, it's a good bet that we're looking at a shape-shifter sibling duo, if not actual members of the Merlotte family.

Another possibility is that this is our first glimpse at a shape-shifting werewolf, one of the new supernatural species making its way to "True Blood" this season. Of course, if that was the case, one would think this dog would be a bit more ferocious, right? Smart money stays on the shape-shifting theory!

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