Meet 'Sex And The City 2' Hunk Noah Mills, The 'Sex Interest' Of Kim Cattrall

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Noah Mills. You might recognize him from modeling campaigns for Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Tiffany, or The Gap, just to name a few. But you'll be seeing a lot more of him (as in all of him) as one of Samantha's (Kim Cattrall) boy toys in "Sex and the City 2." The 27-year-old started taking acting classes in his downtime between modeling gigs — "as a successful model, there's a lot of downtime," he told Hollywood Crush earlier this week — and auditioning for acting parts. Though Noah missed out on a role in HBO's "The Pacific" series, the fates finally aligned when the "SATC2" audition rolled around.

"From the [description of the character], I thought, 'I could book this. This could be a good part,' he said. "I went to the audition, and of course there's a hundred other guys who look like you, but the audition went well. ...About a week later I got a phone call that I booked the part. I was really excited, of course. Acting's been my mission for a long time. It's awesome to be finally in a movie."

Noah's not in the movie for a very long time, but let's just say the scenes he is in are quite revealing. That's OK, because Noah knew what he was in for when he booked the part. "I thought it was fun. I'm secure and comfortable with my body. It's part of the draw with these films, especially with Samantha's character. ...I always knew that it was not a role that carries through the whole film. They're all saying 'love interest' and I'm like 'Ehh, love interest, sex interest, whatever you want to call it.'"

Noah said he was aware of the "Sex and the City" phenomenon when he landed the role — "I knew that girls love the show" — and had even seen a few episodes, but was by no means a fan. "I knew about the premise and the relationships and how long the show had been on and everything. I knew how successful the first film was. I knew a bit of it. I'm not, like, a huge fan. People have asked me questions about plots and characters and I'm like 'I'm not sure who that character is.'"

While Noah's mostly just eye candy in "SATC2," he got the opportunity to test his acting chops in a much more serious and emotional (and bigger) role in the independent film "Happy New Year," which will play at film festivals this summer. "It's about Iraq vets coming back and reintegrating with society and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder," Noah said. After that, "I'm working on finding the next movie, whether it be independent or major, or a good TV series. I'm just working with my coach and at the same time doing some modeling shoots. I'm always super grateful to do that as well. You'll see me around. I'm working on some things."

Are you excited to see what Noah's screentime in "SATC 2" entails?