Robert Pattinson On 'Ellen' Recap: A Ballet Confession, A New Haircut And 'Pattin' Pattinson'

EllenIn a double-hitter of "Twilight" guests, Robert Pattinson followed the footsteps of costar Nikki Reed and visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" for today's episode. Once again, the visit was to promote "Eclipse," and fortunately his interview stayed more on topic than Nikki's. Unfortunately, Rob was not as enthusiastic about the dancing, despite the fact he did ballet until age 10. We were disappointed that Ellen had not scrounged up a clip to accompany this confession.

But more important than Rob talking about "Eclipse" and not dancing was the new 'do he was sporting. I guess Summit finally reneged on forcing Rob to maintain his Edward Cullen locks and allowed him to get a haircut for "Water for Elephants," which starts shooting in Los Angeles tomorrow.

At first Rob teased that he had to shave off his hair because he got "a terrible infestation of knits," but his joke turned sour when he found out that no one has "knits" here, but rather hair lice. Oh well, looks good regardless of the reason.

Unlike the new clip that was introduced with Nikki yesterday, though, today's "Eclipse" clip to accompany Rob was the same one we saw on "Oprah," where Edward confronts Jacob after the latter kisses Bella. When Ellen asked Rob to explain the scene, he replied, "I dunno, the three of them, I don't know what's going on anymore."

She prompted him with the fact that Edward and Bella should be getting married soon, since he proposed at the end of "New Moon." "But I'm always asking that, and nothing ever comes of it," Rob said with a laugh. He added more seriously, "['Eclipse' is] not such an insular story. It's not just about two characters anymore."

Ellen asked Rob about how he doesn't like doing press for his films, and prefers the acting side of the craft. He explained his problem with interviews, saying, "I've always had a problem actually thinking before I open my mouth." When Ellen asked if he meant "being spontaneous," Rob clarified, "Being spontaneous, or just thinking. Thinking in general. Thinking in real time."

While the laughter from the audience receded, Rob explained that his problem with thinking on his feet led many to call him "brooding" after the press he did for "Twilight." People would ask him what he was thinking about during his brooding sessions, and he said with a laugh that he was actually thinking about absolutely nothing. "It's like that 'Simpsons' episode," he said.

Rob told Oprah that he was more excited about being names on of People's most beautiful people than one of Time's most influential, but Ellen pointed out to him that he wasn't named the most beautiful person (Julia Roberts was) and thus he didn't "win."

"I thought I was keeping the pace for the year, doing a good job," Rob said with a smile and a laugh. "Where did Julia Roberts come from? She came out of nowhere."

To wrap up the interview, Ellen had one lucky fan come up on stage for a game she liked to call "Pattin' Pattinson." Rob and two other men wore robes over their clothes, and the fan was blind folded and had to feel the bodies of each of the three men and see if she could tell which one Rob was by just his body. She ended up getting it wrong (whoops), but at least she had the honor of touching Robert Pattinson's entire body, and that's something we're sure many would kill for.

Did you watch the Robert Pattinson episode of "Ellen" today? What would you have done to give Rob a body pat-down?