'Twilight In Forks' EXCLUSIVE Clip: A Look Back To Stephenie Meyers' First Book Signing

Times certainly have changed since the novel "Twilight" was first released in 2005. Now, after four best-selling books and two box office-busting films, Stephenie Meyer has decided she is doing press her own way. And why not? She commands the unwavering devotion of millions, so why shouldn't she do things the way they wanted?

But in this week's clip being released on the "Twilight in Forks" iPhone app, director Jason Brown takes us back to an earlier, simpler time when the "Twilight" novel book junket consisted of Stephenie traveling to Forks, Wash. in 2006 and signing the books of 250 fans in the town's library.

"We were amazed that there were 250 people that came to sign the books and to meet Stephenie, who was perfectly charming. And it was one of the hottest days of the three years that day. I remember suffering, sweltering, in the halls that day, in the library, but Stephenie, who was charming and good-natured, stuck it out," said Marcia Bingham, the director of the Forks Chamber of Commerce.

She added that, at that point in time, Marcia and the rest of the people at the Chamber of Commerce had no idea who Stephenie even was, and had never heard of her book "Twilight."

"We were introduced to the books by our local librarian who called in 2006 and said, 'There's an author coming to town. She's written a book that takes place in Forks and I wonder if you'd like to introduce yourself to her and to find out a little bit about these books,'" Marcia recalled. "And we said sure, we'll go meet her, not knowing anything about it whatsoever, but we met Stephenie, had some pictures taken."

"We thoroughly enjoyed meeting her," she added.

The full clip also includes some fun stories about Bella's truck in Forks, and when some fans stole the gas cap right off it. Jason also gave us some exclusive news that they plan on revealing, in an official post in the app later this week, what "Gossip Girl" rebel starlet Taylor Momsen and "Twilight in Forks" have in common. Their hint: it's musical.

Do you miss the good old times when "Twilight" was still a low key phenomenon? Are you a fan of the clips the "Twilight in Forks" crew have been rolling out?