'Valentine's Day' Sequel, 'New Year's Eve' Will Have A Whole New Cast, Says Director

Valentine's DayIt's been a while since "Valentine's Day" warmed our hearts in theaters, but the box office romcom hit is hot on everyone's minds now that its sequel, "New Year's Eve," has been greenlit to be released December 9, 2011, the DVD comes out tomorrow and Taylor Lautner and" Taylor Swift were nominated for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards for their smooch in the film. MTV News caught up with director Gary Marshall to get his take on the Taylor/Taylor relationship and an update on the film's sequel.

Turns out Gary wasn't surprised that two of his most high profile young stars got together during filming. "That happens with young people," he said. "I usually always start with kissing or they worry about it the whole time. We did like five, six takes. And the first take was a little uncomfortable. By the sixth take, they were dating! Life happens like that."

But for those hoping for Tay and Tay to make an appearance — and get back together — in "New Year's Eve," we're sorry to crush your dreams. Gary said that, with the exception of Hector Elizondo, it doesn't looking like any of the original cast will be returning for the sequel.

Valentine's Day"I have a script," he revealed. "I did a rewrite. We're rewriting it now. ... It's supposed to shoot in New York in September. It's supposed to be a similar cast of a number of stars. It's written like that, but we hope to get all new stars except for Hector Elizondo, who has to be in all my movies. So he's gonna play a guy you'll never recognize."

So who is he eying for a role in the film? Apparently Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry are high on his list, but Warner Bros. has another ultra-hot young star in mind. "Already, they're mentioning Justin Beiber," he admitted. "I have no idea who that is. Perhaps I'd better see who he is, so when he arrives on set, possibly [we can talk]. So we'll see."

Who would you want to see in "New Year's Eve"? Do you think Justin would be a good choice?