'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev Reveals Method Behind Finale Kiss With Ian Somerhalder

So, if you didn't catch last night's "Vampire Diaries" then you missed what was probably one of the best season finales on television EVER. Seriously, it was EPIC and a big part of that was due to the smoldering kiss between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and "Elena" (Nina Dobrev), who of course turned out to be (SPOILER ALERT) Katherine!

We caught up with Nina last night at the Young Hollywood Awards in L.A. and asked her what it was like to lock lips with Ian, without giving away which character she was playing.

"What was cool about it was that I had to kind of play both," Nina told Hollywood Crush. "I didn't want to play it too obvious. I didn't want to give it away for the audience, because you've got to surprise them and keep them thinking that it isn't Katherine that's actually kissing him. So it was a challenge, but it was fun. I think it turned out really, really well."

Well, we think "really, really well" is an understatement because the scene not only had us hooked, but totally fooled! Our only complaint? We wish Elena's aunt hadn't interrupted (like, she really couldn't have opened the door a few minutes later?!). Ahh well, guess that's what next season is for. Here's hoping we get to see more Damon-Elana (or should we say Katherine?) hookups.

What did you think when you saw Nina and Ian kiss? Were you sure it was Elena or did you have that sneaky suspicion is was Katherine?