'Letters' Star Amanda Seyfriend Looks Back On 'Mean Girls' Role: 'I Don't Know How I Pulled That Off'

Teen VogueBy Cristina Ramos

Looking flawless in her floral print DKNY top, peach lips, and messy ponytail, bombshell Amanda Seyfried graces the cover of June/July’s issue of Teen Vogue. She’s at the top of young Hollywood’s A list and with her new movie, “Letters to Juliet,” out in theaters tonight, you would think all the hype would go straight to her head. Nope! She explains to Teen Vogue how her “No Expectations” policy keeps her humbled and down-to-earth.

"I am successful now, and it's wonderful. But the reason it is so wonderful is because I didn't expect it to happen."

Despite being a new starlet on the rise, Amanda recounts her not-so-Hollywood days as “Joni Stafford” in “All My Children,” which kick-started her amazing career. After all, she didn’t have the advantage like her fellow thespians, Hilary Duff or Miley Cyrus, had by beginning at networks like Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. She also talks about her hilarious role in “Mean Girls,” which became a popular hit among her fans. "People still come up to me and say, 'You were really funny in that,' and I'm like, It's not me. Tina Fey wrote everything I said!" she explains. "I think I impressed a lot of people in ‘Mean Girls’. I don't know how I pulled that off."

With her role in the romantic dramedy “Letters to Juliet,” the Pennsylvania native still finds time for her beau Dominic Cooper, but explains her seclusion from the cliché fairytale endings when it comes to their relationship. "It's fun to play characters who have these ideals that you don't have. Like, in 'Dear John,' Channing [Tatum] and I had such a good time because we were pretending to be in love,” she says. "A lot of people ask me, 'Is Dominic the one?' I don't know, and I'm fine with that. Too much planning can lead to heartbreak. Love is great and possible, always, but it's very rare to have the feeling that 'I want to be with this person forever.'"

Amanda also expressed her joy and excitement to begin production of her new film, “The Girl with the Red Riding Hood", set for release in 2012, with “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke. "I had no idea if I wanted to do Red Riding Hood, but I sat with Catherine for, like, two and a half hours that first day, and she was amazing," Amanda recalled. "She is who should be a big Hollywood director, making cool-ass movies. She has such an imagination. I was like, OK, I'm doing it. Done."

What do you think of Amanda's Teen Vogue cover and inside story? Do you agree on her philosophy on love?