Dear Amanda Seyfried, Why Do You Love Letter Writing Movies?

Five months into 2010 and Amanda Seyfried has headlined two flicks about the art of letter writing — "Dear John" and today's release, "Letters To Juliet." But, the actress admits that having two flicks with the same theme out in the same year is purely coincidental.

"Two romance movies coming out within three months is, it's just a coincidence because I've been doing a lot of different stuff," she explained to MTV News. "And they both happen to do with letters, which is random."

That must mean she holds some special place in the postal service's heart and will perhaps end up on a stamp at some point in her life, right? Looks like she already has! "I am on a stamp," she clarified, jokingly. "They made 'Dear John' stamps. That’s right! They certainly did!"

With so much experience playing a pen-and-paper girl on the big screen, has Amanda felt inspired to take on the old-fashioned form of communication in her real life? "No, I'm not a writer, really. I like to write poems and songs," she revealed. "I express myself differently, in other ways. I'm not very good at writing."

Which Amanda letter flick do you prefer: "Letters To Juliet" or "Dear John?" Tell us in the comments!