'Vampire Diaries' Season Finale: 'WTF Just Happened?' And More Instant Fan Reactions

Vampire DiariesIt sounds so cliche, but there really no other three words in the English language out there to describe tonight's season one finale of "Vampire Diaries" than Oh. My. God.!

If you're still staring at your TV screen without the ability to form complete sentences out of your mouth, don't worry — you are not alone. We noticed so many great reactions to the episode immediately popping up on Twitter that we just had to round up a few of the best. Now you, too, can sympathize with the rest of the fans out there who are now officially counting down the days till the show returns (in... ugh... September!). So SPOILER ALERT! Don't click after the jump if you don't want the twists ruined for you!

@omgitsSandra wtff just happenedd =O

@Deniblue23 Darn you #VampireDiaries for getting me hooked then leaving me with so many questions. Season finale was great.

MinorCatastrofe wow, Katherine is one crazy bitch. Looking forward to the next season! P.S. Anna R.I.P

@christieattack **SPOILER ALERTish!**Katherine is my favorite character now. She's is bad ass. #VampireDiaries

@hopeashleeXO I'm still in shock from #vampirediaries -that's the best season finale of any show I've ever seen!

@Dee_LV Yo the season finale of #vampirediaries just blew my mind... i dnt even know how im going to function at school tomorrow.. damn

@TheREALAmyRie74 #vampirediaries was EPIC. Crazy night. I was so happy. Then I was pissed. Then scared 2 death. Then pissed. LOL. Ohhh the drama...

@thisisthesuzz Wow Ian and Nina have some crazy chemistry. But I still love Paul best. #VampireDiaries

@samarenyi I can not get over #vampirediaries.. I’m breathing now, but I still can’t move.

@itsShanisej - I'm pretty darn sure Damon would know he was kissing a vampire not Elena.

@cynicalsofa I hate to use the word epic but the #VampireDiaries was truly EPIC. Now I cant even concentrate on #GreysAnatomy because my mind is reeling

@Elizabethann1 When did jeremy get so hot?!?

@Twi_Star #vampirediaries made me die! Holy s--t - kiss between @iansomerhalder and @ninadobrev hottest thing ever!

@SRuthie OMG! That was unbelievably amazing! I have never been that shocked/anxious during a show before. Vampire Diaries is genius.

@iamrellyrel OMG!!! #vampirediaries finale had me speechless... Omg Omg Omg!!! @kevwilliamson & @julieplec GREAT JOB!!! *presses rewind* lol

@tigra220 there shoulda been a video cam on me... They said my mouth was open for 5minutes. lol #vampirediaries

@aricalynnm Oh. My. God. @kevwilliamson @julieplec WOW. That was a game changer.

@kathyfgibson At the start of the TV season, I never would've guessed that #VampireDiaries was the show I'd miss the most over the summer.

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What did you think of the "Vampire Diaries" season finale ? What part left you the most speechless? What characters are you sad to say goodbye to?