'Eclipse' Fashion Week Day 5 EXCLUSIVE: Nordstrom Heads To Camp Cullen

NordstromBy Janice Llamoca

OK, so I know I argued a little with my fellow intern, Danielle, about who is the better man in the “Twilight,” saga but I also have a soft spot for British accents.

I'm on Team Jacob forever, but since I'm so excited for “Eclipse” I've decided to show a little support for the Cullen clan by wearing Camp Cullen top from Nordstrom's "Eclipse" fashion line. Don't worry Jacob lovers, I have not abandoned you!


The “Camp Cullen” boyfriend tee ($30) is loose-fitting, so it fits perfect with a pair of skinny jeans! I didn't mind representing the vampire clan because I kind of felt like Bella for a minute being on both sides.

After I wore the “Camp Cullen” top, I couldn't want to put on the “Forever JB” v-neck ($30). Lest we forget: I am forever on Team Jacob.

Show your allegiance by getting one of these shirts and more from the special "Twilight" fashion line. Feel free to show love to both sides, like I did! No one has to know!

Nordstrom's line, which will be found will in the BP. department in stores, will be available for preorder tomorrow, and in-store and online purchasing will start June 4!

Here's a recap of our week of exclusive "Eclipse" fashion:

- On Monday, we looked at a tank top, a Newborns tee and some major lip gloss!

- On Tuesday, we oohed and awed over more Jacob and Edward apparel

- On Wednesday, we checked out a Cullen hoodie, a dress and eyeshadow

- Yesterday, we took to tank tops to debate our love for the vampire and the werewolf

That’s it for “Twilight Fashion Week,” folks! When all these clothes hit the shelves at your local Nordstrom, which do you plan to buy?