'Eclipse' Fashion Week Day 4 EXCLUSIVE: Who Do You Love, Edward Or Jacob?

NordstromBy Danielle Nieman and Janice Llamoca

Hey there Twihards! We hope you’ve been enjoying our “Eclipse Fashion Week” festivities, featuring the hottest “Eclipse” trends (check out day one, day two and day three).

Today, Danielle and Janice have a few more Edward and Jacob tees to show off from the Nordstrom line.

If you missed Tuesday’s blog, the two ladies didn’t exactly agree when it came to their taste in men. By the looks of today’s pics, it’s obvious they still haven’t settled their Taycob/RPattz quarrel.

We’ve decided once again to let them take the wheel and duke out this Jacob vs. Edward controversy that is not only found in the hallways of MTV, but all over the world.

JANICE: Hey everybody! To say I’m a die-hard Jacob fan is an understatement. If you need more proof, check out what I’m wearing in these pictures.

DANIELLE: Really Janice? I mean, come on! First off, my shirt — besides the fact that it shows my mad love for Edward — is white with black writing, and we all know white is a cooler color to wear during the summer.

JANICE: Well, I think most would disagree with you because black will always be in no matter how hot it is outside.

DANIELLE: OK Janice, maybe you’ve made a few good points. I guess the facts are that both of these vintage tees are great and can be worn at any time. Let’s hug it out!

So, maybe we have finally settled their fashion clash, but the debate between Team Jacob and Team Edward is not one that will die so easily. With the “Eclipse” movie and Nordstrom’s line getting ready to drop in June, this brawl has just begun!

Nordstrom's line, which will be found will in the BP. department in stores, will be available for preorder beginning May 15, and in-store and online purchasing will start June 4!

In case you missed it yesterday, we checked out a Cullen hoodie, a dress and eyeshadow. On Tuesday, we oohed and awed over more Jacob and Edward apparel, and on Monday, we looked at a tank top, a Newborns tee and some major lip gloss!

What do you think of today’s Nordstrom “Eclipse” fashions? Be sure to check back tomorrow for more!