First 'Eclipse' Clip: The Volturi's Effectiveness Is Put Into Question

As if today weren't exciting enough, Apple also debuted a brand spanking new scene of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." No, it doesn't include Edward, which we're assuming is because Summit is giving Robert Pattinson 24 hours off "Twilight" hysteria for his 24th birthday, but it is a new scene with the Volturi that is exclusive to the film.

It looks like the Volturi will have a lot more screen time in the film than they do in the novel, where they only appear at the end after Edward has spoiler alert! killed Victoria. In the novel, Jane (Dakota Fanning) and company make it seem as though they were uninvolved in the entire newborn vampire army affair until they make their appearance in Forks, but here it looks as though they were aware of the crisis from the beginning.

Jane, Felix, Alec and Demetri are watching the newborns wreak havoc on a Seattle street, and Demetri comments that, "They've already drawn too much attention."

"So has our inaction," Felix complains. "Others may begin to question the Volturi's effectiveness."

Eclipse"Let them," Jane responds, which pisses Felix off. He walks away and says, "Maybe we should consult with [lead Volturi] Aro." This was clearly the wrong statement to make, as Jane has the power to inflict serious pain in everyone — with the exception of Bella — and she uses this power on Felix which makes him drop to his knees.

"Aro's decisions are being watched," she says. "Either we let [the newborns] do what they were created for, or we end them. Decisions, decisions."

We'll be interested to see if the Volturi are included in any other portion of the film other than the final battle, because it would be nice to see the continuity carry over from the Volturi-heavy "New Moon."

Did you like the new clip? Are you excited to see more Volturi in "Eclipse"?