Amanda Seyfried Compares Her Sophie In 'Letters To Juliet' To Sophie In 'Mamma Mia'

Amanda Seyfried

It seems that Amanda Seyfried has a soft spot for girls named Sophie. She played a Sophie in the hit musical flick "Mamma Mia," and now she's headed back to the big screen using the name in her new romantic movie, "Letters To Juliet." It seems Amanda has some of both their characteristics somewhere inside of her, as well. We're sure that makes playing the two Sophie's that much easier!

"Well the Sophie in 'Mamma Mia' is more similar to me. I mean they're both versions of me," she told MTV News at the "Letters" junket in Verona earlier this month. "[The 'Mamma Mia' one] is a more similar version — she's impulsive and scatterbrained and doesn’t really know who she is yet, but is willing to try and find out."

On the other hand, Amanda explained that she doesn't relate as much to the Sophie in her new movie (opening tomorrow). "She kind of knows who she is, maybe not what she wants, but sort of what she wants," she said. "And she's doing what she loves to do and she's fearless."

Press play below to hear more from Amanda about her Sophie-roles!

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