Chad Michael Murray Stars In Alicia Keys' 'Unthinkable' Video-- We Dissect His Looks!

By George Loomis

It was impossible for us to NOT take notice when everyone’s favorite (former) “One Tree Hill” star, Chad Michael Murray, resurfaced recently in the new Alicia Keys music video for “Unthinkable.” The vid pretty good, but the real fun starts with the time traveling, each era marking a different Lucas Chad. Naturally a flipbook full of his recognizable decade-inspired styles ensued at MTV News headquarters. Basically, we couldn’t help ourselves — the album practically created itself.

In the first of Chad’s transformations — well, the second if you count the two seconds he sits outside Alicia’s house in the truck — the former “One Tree Hill” star readies to rumble with Alicia’s brother. We’re just not sure if his pompadour is a good intimidation technique, or if it can possible serve Chad well in a fight against a dude who’s a little bigger and badder… In future throw-downs he might stand a greater chance if he looks less like Kenickie from “Grease.”

One assumes Chad would be better at making sexy eye contact than this, but apparently this is the best he’s got for Alicia during the pair’s supermarket scene. Even Alicia looks like she’s about to crack up when she sees him and then walks away (no, really check the full video!). Something about the hair part might just be a bit much? Or is it all the sky blue? We can’t put our finger on it, but he looks like a middle school teacher!

In the show stealing style of the video, CMM dons a mullet (it’s not too good to be true, it’s really there!) and catches Alicia’s eye as she drives by in a car. Time traveling never looked quite as good as this, and naturally an 80s love-struck Alicia turns her head in awe. Isn’t Chad Michael Murray with a mullet the very definition of a double-take? I think this qualifies as proof.


What do you think of the “Unthinkable” video and which of Chad’s looks is your absolute favorite? What do you expect from Chad now that he’s back in the pop culture orbit?