Robert Pattinson's 24th Birthday Has Us Envisioning How He And His Dreamy Looks Will Age

Unlike his character Edward Cullen, as Robert Pattinson turns another year older, he ages likewise.

We've watched our favorite Brit age from when he hit mainstream Hollywood at 19 years old in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" to today, when he turns 24. So what better way to celebrate his birthday than to show the world — and Rob! — what his future holds in store. Be warned, much hilarity lies in store after the jump.

At age 30, four years after the final installment of "Breaking Dawn" comes out on DVD, Rob and Kristen Stewart will have moved their separate ways and, clinging to the fading glory of his turn as sparkly vamp Edward, Rob will decide to settle down with a beautiful young "Twilight" fan, who unsurprisingly bears a striking resemblance to a 20-year-old KStew. Instead of exchanging rings and vows, she asks that they consummate their marriage by signing her chest.

After 10 years of happily wedded bliss, Rob will have lost his sort-of toned physique and ballooned up 60 pounds. However, despite weighing over 200 pounds, he still finds time to take his two daughters (ages 8 and 5) to basketball practice. It took much coaxing from his wife to let them play the American sport instead of the much more British soccer.

By age 50, Rob will have tired of being out of the Hollywood circuit and will trim down and grow a mustache in order to pursue the role of his career: a serious turn as a World War II prisoner. It will earn him his first Academy Award but, despite studio insistence, he will refuse to sign on for the film's five sequels and subsequent toy line, saying he has done his time in franchise film series'.

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What do you think of our predictions for Rob's future? Do you think any of them are likely to come true?