Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson! Your Gift: An Astrologer Deciphers Your Love Compatibility

Since we know having her signs read by New York astrologer Diana Brownstone was such a hit for Kristen Stewart's birthday, we didn't want Robert Pattinson to feel slighted now that his big day has rolled around. Unsurprisingly, Diana sees in the stars that the two young actors are extremely compatible with each other, and we're glad to know that hasn't changed in the past month.

As she shared before, Rob's planet Mars rules Kristen's planet Aries, which Diana thinks could mean that there could be a romantic connection between the two. They also have identical house cusps, which means they can relate well to each other.

"It would make them very likely to respond to events in a very similar way so they're very comfortable around each other," Diana said. "It's almost like being with yourself. It's just you know how the person's going to respond to things because they're going to look at them the same way you are."

Also, since Rob is a Moon rising, it means that he is likely to be a public figure (surprise), though Diana said he seems more comfortable in the spotlight than Kristen, and we don't know if we agree with the stars on that.

Regardless, here's to a very happy birthday to Rob, who was born 24 years ago on May 13!

How are you planning on celebrating Rob's birthday? If you could give him one birthday present, what would it be?