'The Boy Is Mine' On 'Glee' And MTV Movie Awards Nominees Speak Up In Today's Tweet Dreams

Dave AnnableMiley Cyrus may not have gotten the royal treatment on "Glee" last night (we can't imagine Lea Michele's laryngitis version of "The Climb" will make the cut on any "Glee" albums) but Brandy and Monica sure did. Their 90s hit "The Boy Is Mine" got an update, and Brandy couldn't have been more pleased! She posted, "Thank you to the cast and creators of Glee for recognizing and performing our song!!" Sadly, Monica was a little late to find out, tweeting, " I wish I wouldve known. I would've loved to watch."

Elsewhere, the nominees for the MTV Movie Awards certainly didn't miss their big day. "The Hangover" star Ken Jeong (pictured), who is up for Best Villain and Best WTF Moment tweeted to fans, "I am so honored and very humbled by the MTV noms. His fellow villainous nominee, "Harry Potter" baddie Tom Felton posted, "A huge thankyou to everyone who's voted or voting for myself and HP at the MTV awards. I'm tully honoured. Thanks : ) x" (Want to hear more from Tom? We got his awesome reaction to the nom over the phone, too!)

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@katgraham just got back from the vampire diaries wrap party and got to see the cast and crew. I love them so much!!!!!!

-Katerina Graham, Actress ("The Vampire Diaries")

@xomalese Just finished ADR for The Vampire Diaries season finale episode (which airs tomorrow). You guys are gonna FLIP!!!

-Malese Jow, Actress ("The Vampire Diaries")

@adamlambert Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video. It's gonna be one big happy family!!

-Adam Lambert, Singer

@jakepavelka Went to the Letter to Juliet premier last night. Girls you will love it!

-Jake Pavelka, Reality Star ("The Bachelor," "Dancing With the Stars")

@scottholroyd What's a macho way to admit I have Beiber fever?

-Scott Holroyd, Actor ("Chuck")

@edwardnorton Saw Seth Rogen last night. He has a black belt in karate. Seriously.

-Edward Norton, Actor ("Fight Club")

@devonesawa Captain Crunch..... Your one hell of a guy! Sometimes I wonder how you would of handled the titanic situation.

-Devon Sawa, Actor ("Final Destination")

@joelmchale I am in mourning. I'm wearing black. I dropped my Ipad on a plane & it won't turn on. We had so many plans. Despair.

-Joel McHale, Actor, TV Host ("The Soup," "Community")

@realbrookewhite There's no place like... Target:)

-Brooke White, Singer

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