'Sex And The City 2': An Interactive Trailer, 42 Fabulous Stills And Lots Trivia!

SATC 2The wait is nearly over, y'all — Sex and the City 2 is almost here! To prime the pump in the last couple weeks before , Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda make their big-screen comeback, the studio has unleashed a slew of new Crush-worthy stuff for us to drool over.

First up, a trailer with a cool interactive element. Exclusive on Yahoo!, it features trivia hot-links throughout: click anywhere on-screen while the preview plays, and watch as fun "SATC "factoids pop up at the bottom of the screen. The trivia runs the gamut from frivolous to funky — designer name-drops on what the ladies are wearing in each scene, info about the interior design of Carrie and Big's apartment, a little hint-hinting at Penelope Cruz's more-than-a-cameo-role, and more.

But that's not all — we've also been hit with a whopping 42 new stills that offer a sneak peek at what we'll be seeing when the movie hits theaters on May 27th. Hey now! Frisky factoids and pretty pictures? The only thing better would be combining 'em.

So here, courtesy of your Crush editors, are five gorgeous stills from the soon-to-be-released film... and a totally true fact about each one. (And by "totally true," we mean, uh, "we are completely making these up.")

FACT: After drinking one too many Moroccan margaritas, Miranda sheepishly admits that she matched her outfit a little too closely to the room decor.

FACT: Carrie's turban is fashion-forward, but she's really wearing it to hide the horrible dandruff she developed as a result of the dry desert climate.

FACT: Even with his graying hair, John Corbett as Aidan is one sexy-delicious hunk of man-meat. (OK, that really is a fact!)

FACT: At Stanford's wedding, the crowd reacts with stunned surprise as the grooms appear at the altar... wearing nothing but rhinestone-studded banana hammocks and cowboy hats!

FACT: In this scene, the husbands of "Sex and the City" react to a golf-related joke about "tiny white balls".


What's your fave new "fact" about Sex and the City 2? What do you think of the interactive trailer?

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